One Take Super 8 Event

The One Take Super 8 Event (OTS8) began in 2000, with 20 filmmakers each shooting a single reel of Super 8 film, which then premiered to an audience without the filmmakers seeing their work beforehand. All the films were shown as shot. No cuts. No splices. The popularity of this non-competitive festival has allowed it to return each year with more filmmakers participating. To date over 1000 films have been created for over 50 One Take Super 8 Events across North America!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

S.O.S Standing Room Only

Wow. What a night. You'd swear there was a revival taking place at the Fairchild Chapel as OTS8 presented S.O.S (Super 8 Oberlin Showcase). Standing room only is putting it too politely, as the doors were kept open through the entire first reel, as the audience peered around corners trying to catch a glimpse of the 28 premiere films (we'll be posting the program and photos soon). Oberlin Cinema Studies Professor Brett Kashmere and his students outdid themselves on producing a fantastic screening filled with many surprises. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers who took part, almost all of whom had never heard of super 8 before, let alone shot a film.

We also had guests from across Ohio, including filmmakers from Cleveland who plan to review the show for 'Super 8 Today'. Looking forward to seeing their pics on facebook soon.

What more can be said, with a prayer our Elmo projector keeps ticking, and the films looked amazing on the chapel altar. From live soundtracks (including chip eating and milk drinking), to pre-recorded work, the students put in their all to create exciting new films and share them with a fantastic crowd (many willing to sit in the chapel aisle brick floor for 2+ hours !) We'll be posting more about this event in the next few days so stay tuned (including an interview with organizer Brett Kashmere)

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