One Take Super 8 Event

The One Take Super 8 Event (OTS8) began in 2000, with 20 filmmakers each shooting a single reel of Super 8 film, which then premiered to an audience without the filmmakers seeing their work beforehand. All the films were shown as shot. No cuts. No splices. The popularity of this non-competitive festival has allowed it to return each year with more filmmakers participating. To date over 1000 films have been created for over 50 One Take Super 8 Events across North America!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

LAST OTS8 of 2009

We're finishing our OTS8 season in sunny Florida this Friday night (which sounds mighty appealing as the cold and snow encroaches on the great white north). The 24 films are on their reels, ready for the show. Click here to learn more about the event, featured in the Broward-Palm Beach New Times. It will be a packed house, so show up early to get a good seat (I know we're sounding a little repetitive with our 'show up early' warnings, but it's only cause we want you to benefit from reading our blog).

While we're busy premiering brand new super 8 films south of the border, we've been getting good news that some recent super 8 films from our Regina events will be travelling and screening in the new year. Ryan Hill's Light Camera Action (2008), and Helder Carvajal's Beez in the Hood (2008) have been selected for the 3rd annual 8fest in Toronto. In other screening news, Terry Mialkowsky and Shannon Jardine are busy screening two of their past OTS8 films in the new year. Bill Seaton (2008) will be playing at the Victoria Film Festival on February 6, and their 2006 film Belt Buckle/Quonset Hut (2006) will be playing at the Winnipeg Cinematheque on February 12, and 13th.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

1:1 Super 8 Festival

The warm Florida sun will be shining on our super 8 festival in less than 2 weeks! Here's the poster for the event. Makes you hungry, no? We've got 25 films at the lab, ready for pick up tomorrow. (Seems like I've been making daily runs to Exclusive over the past couple months). This will be the end of the One Take Super 8 Event season. 4 events, 3 provinces, 1 state, 100+ films. This will be a great way to finish off 2009, before we start planning for our 10th anniversary year (and not to give anything away, but we're in the makings of a great surprise in early 2010. Stay posted!)

Here's the list of participants whose films you'll see in Florida:

Sebastian Bellotti, Eddie Ceasar, Billy Chadwick, Pedro Fernandez, Christiane Foucher, Moriah Jordan, Steven Lambiase, Jarred Moore, Alexander Robinson, Matthew Schectman, Michael Spitale, Jacqulynn Sutton, Aynsley Thaler, Alberto Sanchez, Derek Taylor, Jay Forsyth, Eric Fuhrmann, Felipe Cardozo, Ryan Ratliff, Nicolas Sacci, Ian Rosenberg, Devin Brockwell, Katherine Skelton, Alex Rogalski

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Montreal pics

The pics do a good job of showing what a
night we had with Double Negative in Montreal. I'm particularly fond of the bikes piled against the fence (That's how we love people coming to our shows!) Daichi Saito's face is hidden while cleaning the projector, but his Elmo was a standout, handling 800 ft reels with no problem, and a super bright xenon lens. The big screen was perfect for the space, but almost too big, as we just fit it under the ceiling. Clearly, we didn't take any pics while the films were playing, but there wasn't a square inch of floor space empty. Luckily we found a way to raise the projector high enough so no one's head would block the light.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Double Negative OTS8 - Postively Amazing

Sometimes when we broach the 30+ marks for films in an OTS8 event, I get a little nervous.
We usually set the limit at 25 filmmakers, but then some stragglers come in and beg to take part, and a couple others have a reel they shoot and want to submit, and before we know it, we're nearing 3 dozen films. Usually, this doesn't make me too nervous, as it's often inevitable, that people's schedules don't turn out and they land up not finishing a film in time. But recently, that's not the case. Winnipeg has consistently offered more than 30 films at WNDX, and Montreal couldn't close submissions quick enough. Barely a day after posting their call for films over 30 participants were paid up and ready to go (we didn't even have time to get the translated version posted).

So, when 33 films land on my doorstep waiting to be processed, I start asking a lot of questions.
1- Will the venue be big enough? (there's an exponential audience factor that directly correlates to how many films we show).
2- Will people be able to watch over 30 films in one sitting? I consider it a badge of pride for those who do. For example : "Hey, how was your weekend?" "Pretty good. I watched 33 films on Saturday night."
3- Will the projector hold up? This is always a concern, as super 8 projectors weren't really intended to show feature length films.

As is often the case, all the anxiety is unnecessary and things turn out wonderfully. This was the case on Saturday night in Montreal. High atop a 4 storey warehouse loft (La Brique) in Mile End, Double Negative set the stage for a film screening to remember. 33 films, packed house (standing room only doesn't really describe it), big screen, bright projector and a dizzying array of films from experienced veterans to first time filmmakers.

I'll post some highlights over the next few days (maybe I'll snag a Double Negative member to review some of the films). All I can say at this point is that I've seen over 500 films during the decade of OTS8 events, and I saw some films in Montreal that showed me things I've never seen before. It is stunning to believe what's possible through in camera edits. The versatility of this medium still hasn't been fully discovered and its exciting to know that OTS8 is help pushing its boundaries. There are some photos from the event, we'll post in coming days. If you were lucky enough to snag one of Marie Douce's hand made programs count yourself lucky. They were as unique and well crafted as the films, and a great memento from the night. Let's hope the DN crew is interested in doing this again, as it's clear there is a big demand in Montreal for some small guage film fests.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Regina Review and Montreal Poster

The picture you're seeing is for our Montreal One Take Super 8 Event. Beautiful design and screenprint by Marie Douce. The digital image doesn't do them justice, but look for them hanging up around the city. Marie will be designing the programs as well.

Things are moving along for the Montreal event. The lab received the films late last week, and they're ready for pick up very soon. Expectations are high for this line up, and I know the films won't disappoint.

Can't believe it's already been a week since we wrapped up Regina's super 8 success. Yet again we had a capacity crowd well before the 8pm start, with people waiting outside the theatre for an intermission, hoping for a seat to open up. The highlight of this year's event were so many live performances to go with the films. Krystal Lewis followed up on last year with Mad Libs 2, providing a live interactive narration that got the crowd involved with a cinematic version of the board game. Eric Hill added another dimension to his 'Reversomotion' film (playing the film from tail end first), with his keyboard and amp in an improvised performance.

Brett Bell took it to another level doing a live foley for his pure one take. Assisted by Terryll Loffler on tin flute, Brett used office garbage bins to creative effect to replicate the sound of walking up steps and using a slide. And to end the live performances of the night we had a OTS8 first with Dan Suchoboki and another performer dressed all in black doing an interpretive dance in front of the screen during his film. Looked great and added a completely new dimension to his animated film.
These soundtracks and performances always make the OTS8 a must see event, as the live aspect expands the cinematic experience.

berny hi. and Jemma Gilboy collaborated on a cinematic love letter that crossed the pond, shot in both Edinburgh, Scotland and Regina, SK. It creatively, succinctly and very romantically showed the small differences between the couple's lives in places thousands of miles apart. The French new wave touches were perfect.

The buzz film of the night had to be 'Big Jim' directed by Charlie Hill. I can't count how many questions I was asked about who made the film, what camera they used, how incredible the shots were planned out, and more. As the director informed me, it was a family affair, as Charlie's sons Eric and Ryan (who have participated in OTS8 for many years) helped fulfill their dad's vision of a pure documentary portrait that pays homage to the verite docs of the NFB's Unit B. I can't describe the film anywhere near as strongly as it conveys its images, but it focuses on a pallette jack driver (Big Jim) working at a Canada Post sorting facility warehouse. It was a perfect subject for the use of super 8, and the B/W stock captured the light perfectly in the fluorescent lit warehouse.

28 films. great work. and another Regina OTS8 in the books. Thanks to everyone for coming out, to the filmpool for their support, as well as our sponsors SaskFilm, SMPIA, Exclusive Film, RPL Theatre and the Saskatchewan Arts Board. We're transferring the films at the moment, and with any luck will have DVDs ready for sale before the end of 2009.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


We're hours away from the premiere of 28 new Saskatchewan super 8 masterpieces.

Films - check
Soundtracks - check
Programs - being picked up at this very moment
Audience - eagerly awaiting tonight!

I'll admit I took a sneak peak at some of the films while splicing them on the hand winds, and it's going to be a fun night. Some zombies, cats, forklifts, laundromats, and animation. As always, it's a wide assortment of cinematic styles.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Show starts at 8 and we expect a packed house.

p.s. Look for a recap of the show tomorrow, and the new poster for the Montreal OTS8!

Friday, October 30, 2009

South of the border

Well, we're 6 sleeps away from the 9th Annual OTS8 in Regina (excitement is building!). Hopefully, we can pick up the films from the lab before the weekend to splice them together. Looks to be an exciting mix of 28 films from across the province. The program is being designed at the moment, and soundtracks are trickling in.

While the wheels turn there, films are being finished up in Montreal, and will be sent to the lab soon. Anxiously awaiting their poster, and seeing the films projected with a Xenon lamp projector (it's an OTS8 first!).

But the reel excitement today is to announce a super 8 festival in Florida that the OTS8 is proud to present. We had the joy of going to Fort Lauderdale way back in 2006, and Shane Eason at Florida Atlantic University has organized another festival. The 1:1 Super 8 Film Festival is accepting submissions, and film is being handed out. The festival will be comprised of 30 South Florida filmmakers making single cartridge films.

The screening will take place at 7:30pm Friday December 11th, 2009 at Independent Working Artist Network's (IWAN) The Bubble - 810 NE 4th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

So, that makes 4 OTS8 events across the continent this fall. whew! and, as we always like to leave our fans with a teaser. Stay tuned for some big announcements for some interesting OTS8 adventures that are lining up for the new year. 2010 could start with a bang.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2009 Poster!

Voila! As promised, here's your first look at the 2009 poster for the 9th annual OTS8 in Regina.

They're being screenprinted as I type this, and will be hanging up around your fair city within the week.

We'll have some available on sturdier paper at the event in Regina for those interested in a limited edition copy.

1 down, 2 to Go!

Sorry for the delay in posting a review of the Winnipeg show, but festivals and flights have a way of exhausting people.

Where to start. Well, the first thing to say is that a combination of winter come early, and Russell Peters' sold out shows, still can't keep people away from the One Take Super 8 Event. Winnipeg showed up en masse (and early!) to witness the premiere of 34 new films at the Gas Station Theatre. It's our 4th year in Winnipeg, with 4 different venues, and this may have been the best yet. Big screen, great seats, full audio system, and a lobby with beer.

The projector held up yet again! I consider this the major achievement of every show, as I still haven't purchased back up belts, which seems to be the biggest risk at this point for projector failure. But the films played very smoothly and brightly.

With 34 films, there's too many to mention them all, but the night got off to a great start with Mathue Plouffe's Lumberjack: A Love story (which was an ironic follow up to Heidi Phillips beautifully rendered ektachrome film of a bonfire). Plouffe's humourous environmental tale created tree lovers of the bunch of us. Hard to top that film, but Curtis Weibe brought down the house with this B&W throwback ROCKET JOHN. This is a super hero we hope will make return trips to WNDX, and anyone who hooks up fireworks to someone's back for a One Take, surely deserves respect for that level of commitment. It was a flawless in camera edit, and a film worth seeing repeatedly. The narrative films are getting more sophisticated every year, from genre homages, to quirky 'only in Winnipeg' films. Hats off to Leslie Supnet for her animation which continues to experiment with the form, creating visual patterns that thrive on illusion.

A documentary that stood out in the evening came courtesy of Sunny Sidhu. A simple, yet very effective portrait of his father's daily rituals. It added depth to the evening's program that showed how much is possible in only 3 short minutes.
Another doc, which makes WHIP IT! seem like a hack effort was Kristin Andrews '$0 per Gallon'. This is the first roller skating super 8 film i think I've seen as a One Take, and it just showed how some things never go out of style (I'm talking super 8 and roller skates!) Melanie Safka's 'Brand New Key', was the perfect soundtrack, and I won't be surprised if this starts a roller revolution in the 'peg.

It's no stretch to say that Jaimz and Karen Asmundson created a super 8 film for the ages with their newest work 'GOTHS! ON THE BUS!'. People were doubling over at the visuals alone, but when you add their original soundtrack (which I've been singing to myself for days), it was clear that with a good idea, a few friends, a couple bus tokens and a super 8 camera, nothing is impossible.
I'm keenly awaiting the chance to see this film again, or for the soundtrack to be released ASAP.

So many more films to highlight, but sadly, unless you were there, any review won't do them justice. It was a fantastic evening and a perfect ending to arguably the best WNDX so far. No blizzard was going to hold down this festival, and there's no doubt anticipation is already building for next year.

But no time for looking back now, we're on the cusp of 2 more great OTS8's this fall. Regina is just around the corner. Later today we should be getting our poster proof (another Stacey Case collectible screenprint), and then the campaign begins to let the Queen City know it's about to be overtaken by super 8 madness. Films and soundtracks are pouring in, so now's the time to get the word out about seeing these great films.

Check back soon to see our spiffy new poster, I'll post a pic here.

Friday, October 9, 2009


it's october 9th.
in Winnipeg.
and it's snowing. hard.

Winnipeg likes making visitors believe in its myths.

WNDX is off to a great start. great films. great filmmakers. and fantastic audiences. can't wait till sunday night to unleash the torrent of super 8 suprises on this wintery city.

Did our projector test at the Gas Station theatre yesterday. beautiful venue. we're using the white backdrop cyc as our screen, so it'll be super 8 LARGE! only 230-some seats in the venue, so it'll be cozy and full. the seats themselves are fantastic. the old style recliners that rock out unexpectedly if you're not used to them. just like the kind at Massey Hall in Toronto. they don't make them like that anymore. and the Gas Station theatre is pondering replacing them, as they don't have many left with spare parts as replacements. The seats have a history. they still look in great shape, but the theare tech was reticent to tell me where they came from. after some prodding,and assurance that they were cleaned well before they were installed, he fessed they came from an old 'adult' theatre on Main Street that was shuttered. classic. underground seats for underground cinema.

Mike Maryniuk from the filmgroup has been gathering the soundtracks (meanwhile finishing his newest film to follow up on CATTLE CALL, which is a 3-D blast and will premiere next week at the Ottawa Animation Festival). Mike has a new film in WNDX OTS8 this year, it includes robots and blurry lights. should be awesome.

more updates tomorrow. in the meantime I'll pass along the advice I received about walking at night in Winnipeg.
'it's safe walking around at night, just keep at least an arm's length away from passerby.' supposedly this is the best technique to avoid any unforeseen knifeplay. how can anyone not love this city.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

C'est What?!

Pardon the terrible title of this post, but I'm a sucker for bad punditry (and also a sucker for a wonderful Toronto Brewpub, known by the same name).

But the reason for this post isn't my butchering of French, but to inform the masses of what is looking to be the biggest and best OTS8 to hit Montreal. The participants who raced to sign up are all ready with film (way ahead of deadline), so I can only imagine they have ideas raging for what type of cinematic masterpieces they might concoct. Congratulations to Double Negative on spreading the word on this event to attract this stellar line up.

The list of filmmakers taking part is the best example of what the OTS8 sets out to do. Allow ANYONE (from first time filmmakers to advanced artists) to make a film and have it shown. And the fact that a large number of established, respected filmmakers have taken up the challenge, shows that super 8 is not a medium that is forgotten or past its best before date. Knowing many of these filmmakers previous works, I can all but guarantee that if you are attending the November 21 screening, you will see some amazing filmmaking. But without further adieu, here's the line up of filmmakers (in alphabetical order).

Hoda Adra
Stéphane Calce
Emile Cantin
Thierry Collins
Xarah Dion
Félix Dufour-Laperrière
Matthew Forbes
Jessica Fortin-Simard
Amber Goodwyn
André Habib
Bogdan Karasek
Isabelle Kirouac
Alexandre Larose
Karl Lemieux
Philippe Léonard-Brazeau
Ara Mahrejian
Eduardo Menz
Maude Michaud
Diana Mihalache
François Miron
Javiera Ovalle Sazie
Anita Pachulski
Michael Rollo
Adam Rosadiuk
Daïchi Saïto
Suzie Synnott
Malena Szlam
Roger Tellier-Craig
Emir Togrul & Ginga Takeshima
Mathieu Tremblay
Pierre-Luc Vaillancourt
Marcus von Holtzendorff
Steve Woloshen & Alexandra Grimanis

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Did you blink!

I knew we should have timed this. I think we have a new record in signing people up to take part in OTS8 events this fall. I thought Winnipeg was fast signing up 30 filmmakers (with a waiting list intact).

But Regina and Montreal both blasted out of the gates singing people up in records times, with both events reaching their participant limits well before the cut off deadlines.

That means film is in hands and cameras are rolling. I have word that 4 films have already been completed and returned in Regina.

With lots of sunshine on the prairies this week, hopefully people can make use of the bright light for their masterful super 8 films.

So the sad news is, there are no more openings for people to shoot OTS8 films for the events this fall. The good news is, let the anticipation start building for the screenings!!!

I'll be posting a blog in a couple days, giving some tips and hints for shooting a successful OTS8. Some handy pointers that will increase your chances of success, and bring your vision to the screen. Stay posted.

Monday, September 21, 2009

One Take Super 8 Nation

The OTS8 is infectious. We're steamrolling into autumn with 3 great events.

Winnipeg will kick off the season with the 4th annual event to close out WNDX. All the spots are seized, cameras are rolling, and in a week or so, all the films will be ready for processing. We'll be premiering all the films October 11th at the Gas Station Theatre. This will be a great way to spend Thanksgiving weekend.

Regina follows that on November 5th. Submissions are still being accepted, but hurry, because over half the spots have been taken. We'll be showing all the films on November 5th at the Regina Public Library Theatre. We're starting our poster design now, and it will be another one of kind silkscreen print. Sure to be a collectible, and as unique as the films we showcase. Can you believe it's our 9th annual event. We're on the cusp of a decade of OTS8 films!

And, not to be left out of all this fun our friends in the east (at least from a prairie perspective) are planning an OTS8 for November 21 in Montreal! It's our 3rd time in Montreal, and we couldn't be happier about this event, partnering with our friends in Double Negative. They have their entry form ready online, and are willing to hook up first time filmmakers with ready to go cameras. More details about location (and their fabulous poster as well), in the days to come.

Looks like a great fall and the potential of over 100 new super 8 films to satisfy all your small gauge needs.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zombies! Super 8! Claybank! oh my!

I'm always one for adventurous super 8 film shoots, but this had the makings of being one to remember.

Jen Gennutt has posted this request. I highly encourage anyone with an interest to take part.

Here's the link to zombie shoot info -
on the off chance you can't open the link here's the blurb:

"The time has come for the One Take Super 8 film festival and once again, I've decided to try and kill myself with a massive project.
This years film? You guessed it! Zombies!
But not just any zombies. No, that would be too easy.
The basics are these:
We're shooting it like it's a family on vacation. Car breaks down in a deserted town. Family laughs about it until zombies show up and swarm the car. Just for added effect, we're shooting it like it was shot in the 1950/60s and out in farming country.
So we need a bunch of 1950s farmers/zombies.
I'm going to do my best to provide some costumes and accessories along with some make-up, but if you have some period appropriate clothes you don't mind zombifying, that would be awesome.
One other thing and this is the tricky part - We're set to shoot in Claybank, which is located just outside Avonlea Sk.
It's going to be a blast and I know everyone is going to have fun. If you're willing to make the trip and help me out, you'll have my undying gratitude and you'll have a part in a (short and totally non-profit) film you can brag to all your friends about.

*One more thing guys - Claybank is going to cost me $5 a head when we go to shoot. I'm not going to tell everyone to bring $5 because this is something I knew was going to cost money and I don't care but if you'd like to contribute, that would be fantastic."

It's also been decided that we'll be meeting here in the city and then driving out. I'm telling everyone and anyone that we'll be at the south east corner of the southland parking lot (across from the chapters parking lot) Sunday, Sept. 13th at noon. I have a bunch of costume pieces for people who need them but if people could show up in darker work pants/fitted jeans or skirts and dark shoes (not runners) that would be fantastic. (I'm really just trying to stick with that 50's farmer/factory worker look).
Also, one more thing, I'm still looking for my "father" for the film. I need someone who looks like Mr. Sears catalogue 1950/Leave it to Beaver dad. You know? The really archetypal pipe smoking, suit wearing, "Mad Men" kind of guy. If you know anyone who might fit the bill I'd be in your debt.
Thanks again for all your help. You're the best!

Please respond to Jen's email if you are interested or require further details of any nature.

I can't wait to see this film. Fingers crossed the zombies don't eat it at the lab. We always enjoy a good zombie film. Last year showcased Zombie Milk Run (which unfortunately didn't fit the end of the tale on the 50 feet of film). There was also a gem from 2004 - a Shawn Fulton epic, which involved zombies, and a watermelon eating contest.

p.s. the photo comes from another in camera zombie film make in Austin

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9th annual entry form

Here it is! The entry form for the 9th annual OTS8 event.
Fill it out, drop it off, pick up your film and start shooting! (Feel free to think of an idea somewhere in between).

If you don't have a working super 8 camera, never fear. The Sask filmpool has some available, and they're incredibly helpful in setting up to shoot your masterpiece. A few minutes of instruction and you're on your way (just be sure to take care of the camera, and return it on time).

Tell your friends, but don't wait. The first 25 to sign up and pay their fee are the first entered. and I don't want to see any tears.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hello One Take Super 8 Nation.

The date is upon us. Mark it on your calendar.



30 filmmakers. 30 films. One night.

you know the drill.

Stay tuned for the flow of info to follow soon.
First up will be the entry form available here next week.
Then we'll follow that up with another snazzy poster (it'll be another collectible).

So, if you're in Saskatchewan and reading this, start coming up with your ideas.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


WNDX has just announced it's call for submissions for their 4th Annual One Take Super 8 Event to be held on October 11, 2009 in glorious Winnipeg.

This gives you a great opportunity to shoot your film over the summer, and see it premiered at this fantastic festival. Past films from these events have screened across North America and internationally, including films from highly acclaimed award winning Winnipeg filmmakers.

As we get more details about the screening venue and participants we'll post them here.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Days of Yore

Found this link to the NFB that showcases the origniators of travelling picture shows across Canada. After being across the country by plane, train, and car, with projectors and film reels in hand, I have a lot more respect for what these pioneers were trying to accomplish. I wonder how many spare bulbs they carried with them when travelling across the bumpy washboard gravel roads of Saskatchewan.

Here's a great gallery to check out to see how most people came in contact with original Canadian movies, in the days before multiplexes, TV, and Youtube (and our very own OTS8).

If you're longing for some super 8 movies during your summer vacations, the OTS8 2008 Regina DVD is ready for purchase. If you're in Regina, you can buy them at the filmpool for $15. Or if you want, drop us a line at onetakesuper8event(at), and we'll get you copy. The collection of 30 films are all on one DVD featuring great work from last November's event. The cases are beautifully screenprinted by Stacey Case (merchguy), DVD design by Terryll Loffler, and transfers done by Frame Discreet. It's as good of collection of small gauge film you'll find, and will tide you over until the next travelling super 8 projector comes through your town.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Syracuse REVIEW

Wow, what a night. Took a few days to recover from the sold out, packed house premiere of Syracuse's 3rd annual OTS8. There's something quite fun, underground and exciting about hopping in a car packed with reels of films and a super 8 projector and heading for the border to showcase new films (more on border crossing later on). Funk'n Waffles played the consummate host yet again, and things keep getting better every year. Great screen and sound set up, with a lot of live performances for the films.

All the films were strong examples of how diverse, creative and powerful super 8 can be.
Christina Kolozsvary's film perfect combination of tightly composed soundtrack that completely raised visuals to a new level, lighting was amazing for the ektachrome stock giving it an ethereal feel. Phil Loeb & Mike Canale brought down the house with the kung fu, zombie flick. (What's a one take without an homage), great live soundtrack too, you almost forget you're watching a film with all in camera edits, with no chance to change anything.

Ashley Ferris and crew raised the roof with a little audience participation, dancing with their film and fantastic MIA soundtrack. Too bad the audience was a little timid, cause we could have lit that place on fire! KVJB was the perfect follow up to end reel 2, with a 'surround' sound live audio and some improvised commentary, keeping the night and films light and fun. Syracuse has completely tuned into the spirit of super 8, and it's great to see it take hold.

I dont' think I've ever seen a super 8 yoga film before, but Kyle Corea made it a reality. great colour tones and composition. I don't think video would have captured it in the same way. something about the light that seemed to work with the salutations.

Challenging themselves to do a true 'one take' Keech, Rose & Kohlbrenner brought it on with lessons on Fish Food, in a tightly rehearsed team effort. This is all the more impressive considering how much time and effort they dedicated to organizing the event and make for a seamless evening of film. As an added bonus to the full house, Jason Kohlbrenner set up a live webcast, which was well received. We'll be attempting to post the link here for those who missed the show. There's also plans to digitize the films for open screenings in Syracuse throughout the summer.

The Elmo ST-600 worked splendidly for the screening. Bright images in small spaces are always great. super 8 seen large is a highlight for those who have never seen it projected before. Some karma was floating around, as after the screening, while rewinding the films a belt released, rendering the projector inoperable. Luckily, a quick inspection back in Canada revealed that the belt just slipped off the main motor. A quick and easy fix, saving a search for a new belt. It's a joy having electronics that one can actually fix. Those projectors will outlast any DVD/VCR/MP3 player in the universe. It was also a bit risky travelling cross border without a spare bulb (oops), but I think there's a few more hours left in this one.

I've mentioned it before, but driving cross border or flying with a super 8 projector has received more than a few inquriries/ strange stares. The range of knowledge about what the thing actually is varies, but regardless, it never passes through security or customs without a thorough swab/inspection. Coming back into Canada received the most informed customs agent I've ever ran into the inquisition went as follows.

Border Agent :citizenship?
Me : Canadian
BA: purpose of trip?
M: visit friends
BA: bring anything back?
M: nope.
BA: what's in the box?
M: a projector
BA: what are you doing with it?
M: showing home movies to friends
BA: 16 or 8mm?
M: (inside my head 'WTF? this guy's good') super 8
BA: oh, bell&howell, or elmo?
M: elmo.
BA: you have super 8 films?
M: uhuh.
BA: where'd you buy the projector?
M: in Montreal ( picked it up from used Camera store. paid a decent price for it, but the thing is mint)
BA: you should get a customs form for the projector next time you travel across the border
M: really?
BA: yeah, those things can be worth something on ebay.
M: (playing slightly naive). oh really, I didn't think anyone used them anymore.
BA: oh sure, if they're in good condition you sell it for a decent price.
M: good to know.
BA: have a good day.

Now, this border agent might be a bit more informed, as this was a crossing close to Rochester (home of Kodak), so it's not untirely unlikely that he would know things about small guage film. Regardless, points to him for actually knowing what he was talking about and not looking dumbfounded like most security at the airport when they do that strange cloth swab to check for explosive residue. I always find it weird that they think for some reason, if someone wanted to use explosives, they'd pack them into a 30 year old super 8 projector. Seems like a lot of hassle and not very discreet. in any case. travelling with projectors is always good for strange conversations, and a little bit of public service, letting the population know that we still exist. (I wonder if DJs get the same speculation when they travel with turntables?)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nominations, Awards

A quick update on a few past One Take Super 8 Event films that are continuing a successful run at other festivals.

First off, Terry Mialkowsky and Shannon Jardine's film from the 2008 OTS8 in Regina 'Bill Seaton's Guide to Clean Filmmaking', has been nominated for a Golden Sheaf Award at the 2009 Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival in the comedy category. We'll be watching on May 23, to see them take home the wheat. This may mark the first time a super 8 film from OTS8 has been in direct competition with Rick Mercer.

Alex Larose's film Artifices #1 continues to screen around the world. It seem so long ago since we premiered it at the Pop Montreal OTS8 Event in 2007. He'll be screening in a special presentation of the Intenational Experimental Cinema Exposition's 'Masterpieces of New American Avant-Garde Film' at the Austrian Film Museum. This comes hot on the heals of Alex's win of best super 8 film at the $100 Film Festival in Calgary at the beginning of March. Congratulations! This is a good time to mention that there were a few OTS8 films that screened at the $100 film fest including Cake by Gerald Saul (OTS8 Regina 2007), With Care by Kevin Bacon (WNDX OTS8 2008).

And finally in this post, the wait is almost over, next week the 2008 OTS8 DVD from Regina is available for purchase! The complete colleciton of 30 films made for the November screening are now wondefully authored on a collector's DVD with individually screenprinted packaging (limited run). More details to follow.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Syracuse Line up 2009

Tis the Season. We start the 2009 OTS8 year with a return to Syracuse , NY for their 3rd annual One Take Super 8 Event.

18 new films premiered at the illustrious underground Funk 'n Waffles. April 4th 8pm.
$3 admission

With films by:
Ashley Ferris, Phil Loeb & Mike Canale, Scott Austin, Alexey, Mark Povinelli , Elizabeth Greene, Jonny Fong & Phil Radkey, Adam Gold, Evan Ferrairo, Kyle Corea & Stone Dow, Erick Ferris & Gordon Brookes, Alex Jager, Brett Kashmere, Keech, Rose & Kohlbrenner, Kyle Corea & Mike Broderick, KVJB, Christina Kolozsvary

The films are on their way to Exclusive as I type, with soundtracks in their final stages. Looking forward to the screening and a new lot of films to welcome spring!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Manitoban Article

Nice to get a screening preview, and this one comes courtesy of Damian Purdy at the Manitoban.
Although I'm honoured to be seen as a 'Winnipeger', I lay no claim to that statement in the article. Guess it slipped through the factchecker. In any case, nice for the screening to be noticed, and hopefully it brings out a few more eyes on Friday night.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winnipeg OTS8 Showcase

Here it is: the list of films/filmmakers showing this Friday (Feb. 13) at the Winnipeg Cinematheque. It's free admission and starts at 7pm (spread the word).

Cam Woykin
The Bourgeois Walk [Winnipeg, 2008, colour, sound]

Shawn Fulton
Lowlife [Regina, 2006, colour, silent]

Terryll Loffler
A Day Like Any Other [Montreal, 2005, colour, sound]

STILL LIFE [Regina, 2007, B/W, sound]

Katherine Skelton
Four Corners [Toronto, 2005, colour, sound]

Jaimz Asmundson
Drawing Genesis [Winnipeg, 2007, colour, sound]

Josh Stanton
Poor Andy in The Wedding Ball [Winnipeg, 2007, B/W, sound]

Danielle Sturk
Reeds [Winnipeg, 2006, Colour, sound]

Solomon Nagler
Preliminary Notes on Gesture [Halifax, 2006, B/W, silent]

Vanda Schmöckel
Fred [Regina, 2007, B/W, sound]

Daïchi Saïto
Green Fuse [Montreal, 2007, colour, silent]

Andrea von Wichert and Arlea Ashcroft
Snapperdoodle [Winnipeg, 2006, B/W, sound]

Kyle Ketchemonia
Confidential [Regina, 2006, B/W, silent]

Terry Mialkowsky & Shannon Jardine
Belt Buckle/ Quonset Hut [Regina, 2006, colour, sound]

Dianne Ouellete
La Moo [Regina, 2006, colour, sound]

Scott Stephens
Spider Pig [Winnipeg, 2007, colour, silent]

Alexandre Larose
ARTIFICES [Montreal, 2007, colour, sound]

David Lopan
F$%kin' Wild! [Vancouver, 2003, B/W, sound]

Monday, February 2, 2009


Busy few weeks for the OTS8. So time to catch up on past and upcoming news.

First, we had a fantastic screening at the Pacific Cinematheque on January 19th. So great to showcase super 8 to new audiences. An enthusiastic crowd was on hand, fostered I'm sure by the ongoing Project8 participants keeping the format alive and thriving on the west coast. It was a fast trip out west with projector and films in hand, and will be nice to return in the future and have a bit more time to see the small gauge work being made there. (will have to write a future blog about the joys of travelling through airport security with our ELMO projector and reels of film. Causes a few interesting looks and responses from people used to seeing laptops).

Speaking of project 8, a program of films curated by project director Julie Saragosa was screened at the second annual 8fest in Toronto this past weekend. An ecclectic batch of films, many made by first time filmmakers. Some great imagery with filmmakers adding hand painted colour to b/w work. The 8fest has committed to showing work on the original format (a festival after OTS8's heart), and Sam's Last Stand, a film made for the filmpop 2007 program in Montreal, was fortunate to be included in the Bagaroo, two! program. The highlight of the festival and the strongest argument for the legitimacy of super 8 as a unique artistic medium was a performance of White Calligraphy by Takahiko Iimura. Trash Palace was the perfect venue, with an intimate audience experience of this stunning exploration of projection, motion, language, light, and mythology. An unforgetable afternoon that can't help but make one feel that the possibilities with super 8 have yet to be fully explored.

Here's hoping that the new batch of films about to go into production for the 3rd annual Syracuse One Take Super 8 Event continue to push boundaries and build upon the success of the past two years. Plans are well under way with fillmakers signed up, and Funk 'n Waffles booked for April 4th. I'm already tasting a brownie waffle sunday.

But before we get to that screening (and the start of spring!), we're heading out west to Winnipeg to showcase a selection of work made for past OTS8's at the Winnipeg Cinematheque on February 13, at 7:00pm. Admission is free, so all the more reason to come out (as a nice Valentine's eve date), and see super 8 work never before screened in Winnipeg, as well as some films made for past WNDX OTS8 events! Later this week we'll be releasing the program details for the screening.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Syracuse 3rd annual One Take

Our friends to the south (but not that south) are celebrating 2009 with their 3rd annual One Take Super 8 Event. Time must fly, cause it seems like only yesterday we were screening our first reels of super 8 in the newly minted Funk 'n Waffles. For more info about the event, and updates on signing up, screening details, etc. check out their new blog. The screening is set for April 4 at Funk 'n Waffles, so keep the date!