One Take Super 8 Event

The One Take Super 8 Event (OTS8) began in 2000, with 20 filmmakers each shooting a single reel of Super 8 film, which then premiered to an audience without the filmmakers seeing their work beforehand. All the films were shown as shot. No cuts. No splices. The popularity of this non-competitive festival has allowed it to return each year with more filmmakers participating. To date over 1000 films have been created for over 50 One Take Super 8 Events across North America!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

2016 Saskatoon Poster

Films are in cameras, and we are excited to have them return to Saskatoon and Regina filled with great images to share at our upcoming events on June 8 and 9th.

We're also very pleased to launch our new poster design by Dandelion design (who helped us last year with our programs, and this year added pro-design skills to these one of a kind posters).

We'll be screen printing them in the next week, and then you'll see these one of a kind creations hanging up around town.

Also, in the exciting news department, we have a record number of submissions from both Saskatoon and Regina this year, with both cities breaking the 25 filmmaker benchmark (we could have said no, we're full, but that would be crazy, when there are willing filmmakers!)

So, we'll be premiering over 50 brand new films in Regina and Saskatoon, which is a record for us. To put that in perspective, 2700 feet of film will go through cameras in the course of a few weeks.
That's over half a mile of film spliced end to end...
or seven and a half football fields.

In short, that's a lot of super 8.

While, we're awaiting those films to get shot and processed a shout out to Montreal who will be screening their newest films on May 24 at La Salla Rosa at their 6th annual OTS8.

May 24, 2016 at The Sala Rossa
Doors at 8pm, Projections at 8:30pm
$8 at the door

The participants include:

Albérick ⋅ Anne Koizumi ⋅ Annie Hunting ⋅ Charlotte Clermont + Alain Lefebvre ⋅ Claire Sanford ⋅ Claudie Lévesque ⋅ Damaris Baker ⋅ Darcie DeAngelo + Brodie Noga ⋅ Emma Roufs ⋅ Emmanuel Martin-Jean + Conrad Jean ⋅ Gabriel Fizer ⋅ Guillaume Vallée + Sarah Seene ⋅ Hannah Fleet ⋅ Hugo Rodas ⋅ Jason Auger ⋅ José Garcia-Lozano ⋅ Jean-Michel Berlinguet ⋅ Jérôme Bretéché ⋅ Ariel Desbiens ⋅ Léa Marinova ⋅ Le Trou Noir ⋅ Marjorie Lemay ⋅ Matthew Wolkow ⋅ Marianne Ploska ⋅ Nour Ouayda ⋅ Philippe Leonard ⋅ Sonya Mladenova ⋅ Stéphanie Leest ⋅ Steven Woloshen + Alexandra Grimanis.