One Take Super 8 Event

The One Take Super 8 Event (OTS8) began in 2000, with 20 filmmakers each shooting a single reel of Super 8 film, which then premiered to an audience without the filmmakers seeing their work beforehand. All the films were shown as shot. No cuts. No splices. The popularity of this non-competitive festival has allowed it to return each year with more filmmakers participating. To date over 1000 films have been created for over 50 One Take Super 8 Events across North America!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

1:1 Super 8 Festival - 3rd Annual in Sunny FLA!

Our friends south of the border are ramping up for their 3rd annual 1:1 Film festival.

Below is their press release with details of the event. Good luck to the filmmakers, and stay tuned for a review of the show!


For the third time in South Florida, Black Iron Film Artist Collective and the original One Take Super 8 Event present the 2010 1:1 Super 8 Film Festival.
Twenty independent filmmakers and artists from South Florida will load their cameras to take part in this year’s spectacle. These 200 second “masterpieces” will truly display the diversity and creativity from different independent filmmakers of South Florida.

WHEN - Wednesday December 8, 2010

TIME - Doors open at 6:30 p.m. with screening at 7:30 p.m.

WHERE - The Maxwell Room (Adjacent The Downtowner Saloon)
10 South New River Drive East, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(Downtown Fort Lauderdale)

DIRECTIONS - Take Andrews Ave to SE 5th St. and turn East, then left on SE 1st Ave. Both located on the South side of the New River, East of the Andrews Avenue Bridge. Free and meter parking is available behind The Maxwell Room/The Downtowner Saloon and under the Andrews Avenue Bridge.

COST - Free and open to the public! $5 suggested donation.

The first Fort Lauderdale/Miami show (2006) coordinated by filmmaker and FAU Film Production Professor Shane Eason spawned 20 films, some new and some programmed from previous shows. It had approximately 125 attend and held an impressive festive atmosphere. Further, in 2009, a second festival had 24 films produced and 150 people in attendance. The 2009 festival also garnered a new, standalone, event title, The 1:1 Super 8 Film Festival. Although a new festival was established, the manifesto and concepts from the original would carry over.

One cartridge! One take! One night!

This year marks the third 1:1 Super 8 Film Festival in sunny South Florida and it’s already a hot topic of discussion among artists yearning for the sight and smell of super 8 film. So grab a camera, get some celluloid, and shoot for the 2010 1:1 Super 8 Film Festival.

For additional information and questions contact:

The 2010 1:1 Super 8 Film Festival acknowledges the following for their generous support: Florida Atlantic University Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters, Florida Atlantic University School of Communication and Multimedia Studies, The Downtowner Saloon, The Maxwell Room, Black Iron Film Artist Collective, The One Take Super 8 Event, PAC LAB INC & Eastman Kodak Films.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Regina Review

A guest review of our 10th Anniversary OTS8 program in Regina from Yvonne Abusow, a participant and membership co-ordinator at the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative. Thanks Yvonne!

This year was Regina’s 10th year Anniversary of the One Take Super 8 event, 24 films screened on September 30th. It was a night of excitement and nerves as Filmmakers friends and patrons of the event waited for the films to screen. I myself was a bundle of nerves as my film opened the evening’s festivities. This was my second year participating in the OTS8 in Regina and both events amazed me with the unique voice and vision of each filmmaker. This time I brought friends to experience the creative collective of Saskatchewan’s one take filmmakers and they walked out of the theatre at the end of the night excited that such a thing existed in the city of Regina. They were amazed that there was this small but mighty collection of people who participate year after year to have their films seen for the first time in front of an audience. A lot of things can go wrong on a shoot, I myself have tasted the disappointment of an out of focus image in front of a large audience, but I remind myself there’s always next year, and next time it will be bigger, better, and in focus!

The evening made me really appreciate the way others viewed the world. Ryan Hill’s Circles of Life, made me realize that there are circles everywhere I look I only have to look for them. Eric Hill’s film made me realize that wind-up toys can find true love, and Gerald Saul’s film “Rerun Amok” made me want to know how he did that? There were so many great films from the evening that I can’t mention them all in this blog, but I can say that I am in awe of the filmmakers that look at the world in ways I never would, and the 10th annual One Take Super 8 event made me awestruck.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Our first non-invitational golf tournament at WNDX this year was a thrilling success. Our foursome initiated the tournament with a 10am tee time at U-PUTTZ which saw a few of our participants fall away (who can blame them after we got out of a George Kuchar screening/talk after 2am, that was totally worth it).

Dave Barber, Leslie Supnet and Clint Enns, all braved the early hours and luckily U-Puttz serves a mean cup of coffee (which is so nuclear hot, I had to set mine aside during the 18 holes and pick it up after - STILL WARM!) Not much of a breakfast platter, but the pizza pops sort of qualified. As the venerable Mr. Barber mentioned while seated in the suprisingly white and sterile cafeteria room "I could live off that menu. It's filled with my favourite things." I won't go through the list, but Mr. Barber's b-day is coming soon, so if you're wondering what to get him, I would suggest taking him out for a round, and buying him dinner at U-Puttz.

On to the action. The first 9-holes were under-water themed, and as we were submerged Clint Enns showed consistency and caution, scoring par 3 on the first 5 holes, but avoiding some of the risky ramps through shark mouths and octopus tentacles. His caution paid off putting him 2 strokes ahead of Barber and Supnet leading into the back nine. The pre-historic second half surrounded us with neon dinos and palm trees, and Supnet made a charge at taking Enns' lead with many a near hole-in-ones, but the cups continued to cough up the ball, making for an easy 2 putt birdie. The final hole secured the win for Enns, with Mr. Barber sneaking into 2nd and Supnet having a solid 3rd place finish. Yours truly trailed behind, only due to serious risk taking and a philosophy that the more putts you take in mini-golf the more bang you get for your buck.

Post game breakfast celebrations continued at the Don, with Enns proudly carrying his trophy (and almost forgetting it on the table!!!). It's clear this will become an annual WNDX/OTS8 tournament with many challengers ready to take up putters next year and challenge Enns' title.

As a note to those planning to attend U-Puttz on a weekend day. I would highly recommend being onto the 19th hole by 11am, as the place was running rampant with rugrats making the black light environment look like a neon blur of screaming glowing sugared up kids with weapons.

(thanks to Leslie Supnet for supplying the photos).

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Join us tonight at the RPL theatre at 7pm, as we have a filmmakers' cocktail with light snacks and refreshments to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

We'll be premiering 24 new films at 8pm to what we're anticipating will be another very anxious, excited capacity audience. Stay tuned for a review of the show tomorrow as we highlight the films, and hopefully (fingers crossed) get through another year without a catastrophic projector malfunction. (Don't worry we have a back up or 2)

See you tonight! If you're killing time waiting for the films tonight, check out Greg Beatty's preview of the event at the Prairie Dog.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2010 Poster!

Well, here it is. Our lovingly screen printed poster is on its way to billboards and lightposts near you Regina. Merchguy has done a bang up job again, with this original design. It's a great way to celebrate our first decade of super 8 films.

I managed to compile some statistics from our first 9 years which are quite impressive.

Since 2000 , The Regina OTS8 has screened 226 original super 8 films (add on this year's 25 and we crest the 250 mark!)
Of those 226 films, there were a number of repeating filmmakers (only a few of who have participated all 10 years). In total 113 different artists helped created those 226 films. This does not include the numerous individuals who undoubtedly helped create the masterpieces. If you have any favorite OTS8 memories that you want to share, please do so in the comments field (favorite film, soundtrack, audience interaction). Looking forward to loading up the projector in Regina for the 10th time. Stay tuned for full program details.


To celebrate our 5th anniversary at WNDX, the OTS8 is proud to be the presenting partner of our 1st (not really an) invitational mini-golf tournament.

We have a limited capacity for entrants, but for those keen on a Saturday morning tee-time, we'll be kicking things off at 10am at U-Puttz (I think that name is endlessly funny). E-mail us if you're interested in participating. It'll set you back $10, and prizes will be awarded. We might even have celebrity guests. It'll be 18 holes of black light golf madness.

If you want to check out the lay of the land, you can visit their site here. No caddies provided. Must carry your own ball and putter (which are included in the price :)

Monday, September 20, 2010


Here's the line up of filmmakers for the 10th Annual OTS8 in Regina.

Some familiar names, and a number of new ones. One thing is guaranteed. All the films will be fresh, and ready for a hungry audience.

Dianne Ouellette, Lesley Farley, Sarah Abbott, Nick Holroyd, Jael Bartnik, Peter Stinson, Don Best, Brian Ganong, William Bessai-Saul, Gerald Saul, Yvonne Abusow, Cory MacLean, Eric Hill, Katherine Skelton, Alex Rogalski, Rob Hillstead, Marcel Petit, Dave Turcotte, Tricia Martin, Charlie Hill, Ryan Hill, Jade Duckett, berny hi, Krystal Lewis, Dan Suchoboki.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Registrations closed

Sorry to disappoint those who weren't able to enter, but the registration period for the 10th annual One Take Super 8 Event in Regina is closed with over 25 participants ready with cameras and films making their 3 minute masterpieces as we speak.

We hope to post a few production notes from filmmakers here, as glimpses of the films proceed in the weeks to come.

So, steady yourselves for a barrage of small gauge cinema at the end of September, with the Regina Event hitting screens on Sept.30 and the 5th WNDX OTS8 on October 4th in Winnipeg.

Keep rolling everyone.

Monday, July 26, 2010

10 years! You don't look a year over super 8!

I know the anticipation was killing all of you. With camera trigger fingers itching, and eyes twitching, let the fun begin!

The one that started it all is embarking on its 10th annual event.

As you can see, the submission form has been formatted for your pleasure. Please complete and send in as soon as possible to the SK Filmpool. Film cartridges will be arriving there this week, giving you 7 full weeks to shoot your masterpiece (and we do mean masterpiece. you have had 10 years to figure out all the tricks needed to master a one take).

As always, the first 25 people to pay their fee will be the first 25 participants. Limited to SASKATCHEWAN RESIDENTS ONLY.

If you have questions or can't contain your excitement, feel free to drop us a line - onetakesuper8event(at)

Thanks again to our sponsors for making this possible: The Saskatchewan Arts Board, Kodak, Saskatchewan Filmpool, Exclusive Film and Video, Regina Public Library Theatre.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

JERK features the COMEBACK CAM

For some light Sunday reading, here's a link to a great article written by Julia Askenase about the modern use of super 8. It focuses on the preparations and fun leading up to the 4th Annual OTS8 in Syracuse this past April, organized by the wonderful husband and wife team of Briana and Jason Kohlbrenner. They've posted some of the great OTS8 films from past Syracuse events at the Syracuse Experimental site, definitely worth a visit.

Here's a brief sample from the article:
"Beyond the niche commercial market of well-heeled weddings, however, Super 8 exists as a low-budget artistic format for amateurs and experienced filmmakers alike. When Alex Rogalski founded One Take Super 8 in Saskatchewan, Canada in 2000, he’d grown tired of watching his film friends from university become frustrated by the competitive professional festival circuit. So he created his own forum.

“[One Take] was an idea I had to get filmmakers and non-filmmakers both to make something that was guaranteed an audience,” he says. He designed the event without a jury or prizes, and chose Super 8 because of its many draws . It’s portable and affordable—a roll of film costs around $15—and also has some key limitations. Super 8 lacks the instant gratification and post-production editing capabilities of digital, forcing filmmakers to plan carefully their single take. And because entrants turn their films in blind, the typical screening ends up with a grab bag of quality. “When you do see a film that’s in focus and properly lit and tells a story, it’s like a miracle. Because clearly, a lot could go wrong,” Rogalski says. “I think we want to pull back the curtain a bit on the filmmaking process. You get to see that not everything hits the mark.”

One Take spread organically, as filmmakers from the original event moved to new cities and started local incarnations. But since the late ’90s, the Internet had already been connecting Super 8 enthusiasts all over the map. Super 8 tip sites cropped up, while major websites like Craigslist and eBay facilitated the sales of Super 8 cameras, which are no longer in production. “There’s no doubt that it’s a little ironic that new technology has made Super 8 more relevant,” he says.

At the Syracuse branch, started by Rogalski’s colleague Brett Kashmere, many participants find liberation in the event’s constraints. “They might come in with this enormous script and are like, ‘Oh, we’re going to do this whole thing!’ But once they screw up, they realize they can’t rewind and shoot again,” says Jason Kohlbrenner. “I think this weight gets lifted off their shoulders.”

Friday, July 23, 2010

WNDX 2010 OTS8 is Full.

For some this is great news (those who entered). For others great disappointment (those who didn't).

You snooze you lose in Winnipeg. After less than a week, all of this year's spots for the 5th annual WNDX OTS8 have been snapped up, and soon cameras will be rolling. My, they have a lot of time, as the event will not take place for over 2 months. I can foresee some potential for amazing time lapse or animation work. Who knows what a summer of biblical rains and mosquitos will do for the creativity of these prairie folk.

For those who didn't get in, all is not lost. You can always see if anyone needs an extra hand filming their one take wonder. And it's always worth coming out to the event to see what cinematic charms will grace the screen. Save the date. October 3rd. Gas Station Theatre. It'll be a doozy.

In other news. Saskatchewan, prepare yourself. Submission forms have been tweaked. Film has been ordered. Keep your eyes peeled, cause any day now we'll open up submissions for our 10th event.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

5th Annual OTS8 at WNDX!

With summer on the brain, it's hard to believe that it will ever end, but WNDX is set up to storm Winnipeg's art scene for the 5th time this fall, and the call has been sent out for all Manitoba filmmakers to pick up a camera and shoot a reel for their 5th annual OTS8!

Here's a link to their sign up form.

Make sure you sign up by August 13th (actually, sign up today, as the 25 spots always fill up fast).

Looking forward to another great harvest of super 8 wonders from that one great city that never disappoints.

In the meantime, if you need to get your creative juices flowing for shooting a single reel, head up to Gimli next weekend (July 21-25), where some past OTS8 films have been programmed including SINGH by Sunny Sidhu, $100 film festival winner GOTHS! ON A BUS! by Jaimz and Karen Asmundson, and BELT BUCKLE/QUONSET HUT by Terry Mialkowsky and Shannon Jardine.

More details about screening times and locations can be found here.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


It's been a while since our last post, so just wanted to let everyone know, we took a short break, but are now busy working on our fall programming.

The 10th OTS8 will be here before we know it. We have a tentative date set (which we'll reveal soon) and we'll be hosted again at the RPL Theatre which has been home to the OTS8 since 2007. We're welcoming back a number of sponsors for this year's special anniversary and adding some new ones.

Also, plans are under way for the 5th annual OTS8 at WNDX. Keep checking back for updates for when submissions open. There's some exciting news developing for making a number of past WNDX OTS8 films available much more widely, for those who have missed past year, or want to see some of the films again.

We'll be updating pretty regularly now as things fall into place. Looking forward to an exciting fall of brand new super 8 work!

Monday, April 19, 2010

SOS 2.

8 pm Saturday April 24, 2010
Oberlin College Science Center
Room A 162 @ 119 Woodland Street

After a one year hiatus, the S.O.S. (Super8 Oberlin Showcase) returns for a second edition! Over 20 filmmakers from the Oberlin College community (past and present) have loaded their cameras to take part in the spectacle.

Featuring PREMIERE FILMS by: Theo Anthony, David Burnham, Daniel Dudley, Lucy Engelman, Davey Field, Peter Freeman, Lily Gottschalk, Stephen Graves, Justin Harris, Harry Israelson, Jimmy Magliozzi, Ben Neufeld, Jay Nolan, Rowan Norlander-McCarty, Peter Nowogrodzki, Matt Presto & Sara Krugman, Ian Page, Max Rivlin-Nadler, Dash Robb, Jackworth Smith, Asha Tamirisa, and Ian Wood.

There are no advance tickets for this event, which is open to the public. Admission is free.

Brought to you by the Oberlin Film Co-op and Oberlin Film Series, with support from the Oberlin College Cinema Studies Program and Exclusive Film and Video. This event is organized in conjunction with the 2nd annual Oberlin Film Festival, which takes place on Friday April 23rd in King 106, beginning at 8pm.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rocky Mountain Super 8 High

Near the aura of Stan Brakhage's legacy comes the 2nd Denver One Take Super 8 Event. Organized through the Denver Filmmakers Coop, Jessica Lance (organizer of the 2nd annual Syracuse OTS8) is coordinating this event.

One Take Super 8 Event Denver 2010
Bug Theatre (3654 Navajo Street)
April 21, 8pm

Filmmakers include:
Erika Bopp, Robert Nachman, Melanie Martsolf, Johnny Morehouse, Don Carson, Matt Doyle, Jess Lance, Indi Kirkpatrick, Ian Rawlings, David Thomas, Ben Garst, Scott Banning, Trevr Merchant, Dan Glock, John Hartman, Charles Pankey, Garrett McGaugh.

For more details e-mail (or visit their site).

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Syracuse TONIGHT!

Well, we've recovered from a late, but great night at the Polish Combatants Hall, premiering 28 new super 8 films (and one blast from the past), for the first Toronto One Take Super 8 Event. Standing room only (with 220+ in attendance) set the stage for our 11pm starting point, with all the films hitting the screen before 2am. No real snags except for a little bit of a delay in showing our very first Kodachrome sound super 8 film, courtesy of Ross McLaren. Considering the reel had 'expired' over 20 years ago, it turned out really well, and was a great follow up to McLaren's 1978 film Summer Camp.

There were many highlights throughout the night, especially from our first time filmmakers. There were also many 'firsts' on screen, including humping tortises from the Galapagos courtesy of Jonathan Culp. For those who stayed to the wee hours, they were rewarded with a new film from John Porter entitled 'Light Sleeper'. I won't describe it, as words don't really do it justice, but if you are in Winnipeg on Friday, April 23 you will have a chance to see this time lapse masterpiece as well as many of John's other gems at the Winnipeg Cinematheque. If you have never seen any of John's performances, don't miss out. "Porter's films are dynamic, humorous and revealing, enjoyed by people of all ages (families are encouraged to bring their kids!) They reveal and highlight the excitement involved in the risk taking of creating a super 8 film." - Winnipeg cinematheque program.

If you happen to be nearby Syracuse, NY tonight, please check out their 4th annual event at Funk 'n Waffles. If you can't make it, be sure to watch it online live!

The films from Oberlin have arrived and are ready to take to the lab. We'll have more details soon, including all the participants and location of the screening.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pity the April fool.

April is upon us, and what a month it's lining up to be.

The Images festival gets underway this evening, with a fantastic line up of work over the next 10 days. Not the least of which is the first ever Toronto One Take Super 8 Event. Less than one week from today we will premiere 28 new films at the festival (so excited to pick them up from the lab today). Here's the key details of where and when you need to be next Wednesday.

Polish Combatants Hall
206 Beverly Street (at Cecil)
Wednesday April 7th
Pay What You Can (first come first admitted. no advanced ticketing so don't show up late and be disappointed).

The event is gaining more attention as the filmmakers are anxious to see their work. First time filmmaker (more comfortably known as a writer) Alison Broverman documented her foray into super 8 filmmaking and published this article in today's Toronto Star. It's a great article about the process and experience for a first time OTS8 participant.

While things are getting busy here in Toronto, final preparations are underway for the 4th annual event in Syracuse. Check out their blog for their snazzy new poster and details about their April 10th screening at Funk 'n Waffles. If you can't make it to Syracuse, they'll be webcast streaming the event!

And finally, things are underway in Oberlin for their second S.O.S (Super 8 Oberlin Showcase).
Films are being shot at this moment. Check back here for details about the location and time of the screening on April 23rd.

Whew. Looks to be a really busy month of screenings. Can't wait.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Award winning films

Some past OTS8 films and filmmakers walked away with a handful of awards this past weekend at the $100 Film Festival. As we listed in a previous post, the OTS8 was well represented at the event (making the odds in favour of an alumni picking up at least one award). But it seems like the OTS8 owned the podium this year.

Picking up Best 8mm film was Leslie Supnet and her WNDX OTS8 2009 film sun moon stars rain.

After walking away with best 8mm film Artifices (from Pop Montreal OTS8 2007) at the 2009 $100 Film Festival, Alex Larose returned with J. a 16mm film made with OTS8 alumni Sol Nagler winning best 16mm film this year.

And picking up the Audience Favorite award (some might consider it the most coveted prize), was Karen and Jaimz Asmundson with their hit WNDX OTS8 2009 film Goths! On the Bus!

Congratulations to all the winners. Look forward to more OTS8 genius from them in the future.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Super 8 Spring Stateside

Spring has sprung for the OTS8. We're quickly moving forward on 3 new OTS8's taking place this April.

First, we have our first Toronto edition co-presented with the Images Festival. 25 films are in production at the moment and will premiere on April 7th on the opening night of the Experimental Media Congress. We'll be announcing all the details soon, after the launch of the Images catalogue and screening schedule (including the names of all the participants).

Following Images, Syracuse is steaming ahead into its 4th annual event (complete with snazzy poster featured here), presented by the Syracuse Experimental Film & Video Workshop. 21 films from 28 filmmakers will premiere at the fabulous Funk N' Waffles. There are lots of returning filmmakers and some new names on the list, so its looking to be a great night of subterranean cinema on April 10th at 7pm.

And finally, Oberlin has put out the call for the 2nd S.O.S (Super8 Oberlin Showcase) co-presented by the One Take Super 8 Event. The first event in 2008 was a smashing success, and this year is looking to be even better. The first 20 people to enter will receive a free cartridge of film and processing, and have their film premiered on Friday April 23rd (location to be announced). Thanks to the Oberlin Film Co-operative for their incredible support and help in coordinating this event. Inquiries about the event can be sent to

It's clear that we're full steam ahead this spring in bringing you more super 8, on more screens.
Stay tuned for an announcement about our upcoming 10th annual event in Regina.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

OTS8 Represents at $100 film Festival

This coming weekend is the 18th annual $100 Film Festival in Calgary, AB. It' s a great chance to see celluloid projections on screen.

The One Take Super 8 Event has a strong presence at this year's event. Of the 44 films being shown at this year's festival 11 of them were made for past One Take Super 8 Events in Regina and Winnipeg (that's a third of all Canadian films in the fest).

So, if you haven't had a chance to see these super 8 originals since their premieres back in 2008/09, here's your chance. (If you can't make it to the festival, I've included links to some that are posted online. )

berny hi & Jemma Gilboy - Cinema Scelta (Regina 2008)
Brent Braaten - Typewritus Oceana (Regina 2008)
Daniel Suchoboki - Untitled 2 (Regina 2008)
Helder Carvajal - Beez in the Hood (Regina 2008)
Jeannie Straub & Jayden Soroka - Waaa? (Regina 2008)
Lexi Rennebohm - Composition (Regina 2008)
Peter Brass - Breakfast (Regina 2008)
Terry Mialkowsky & Shannon Jardine - Bill Seaton's C.L.E.A.N. Filmmaking Guide (Regina 2008)

We're also thrilled that these past participants of OTS8 events are screening films at the festival this year. Congratulations to Philippe Leonard, Solomon Nagler, and Alexandre Larose.

Monday, February 1, 2010

OTS8 @ IMAGES Festival 2010

So, we've finally arrived at the moment of big news for 2010 (that we've been hinting to for a couple months). It's now official, we'll be having our first OTS8 in Toronto! To make that news more exciting, we're holding it in conjunction with the esteemed Images Festival.

Want to know how to take part. READ ON!

25 new super 8 films will premiere at the 23rd Images Festival, running from April 1 to 10, 2010, and you could be the director of one of them. The 25 filmmakers will be selected by an open call lottery.

If you want to be included as one of the potential filmmakers, send your name, phone #, and film stock desired: Ektachrome (colour), Tri-X (b/w) or Plus-X (b/w) to with the subject line heading 'IMAGES OTS8'.

The Images Festival One Take Super 8 Event is open to any one interested in making a film, but limited to GTA residents only. No experience is required (but creativity always appreciated). If you are unable to provide your own working super 8 camera, arrangements can be made if you are one of the selected filmmakers.

You can enter your name in the draw until Friday, February 12 (only one submission per person), at which time 25 names will be randomly selected and notified.

Those selected 25 filmmakers will pay a $40 registration fee and receive 1 cartridge of film (reversal stock only), processing and a premiere to a wildly excited Images audience! Filmmakers will have 4 weeks to shoot their film and return it for processing. What is shot, is what is shown. Filmmakers will not have a chance to preview or edit their film previous to the Images Festival screening.


DEADLINE FOR ENTRY Friday February 12th, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

WNDX + other OTS8 videos online!

The folks from WNDX keep forging ahead in their mission to spread their fantastic One Take Super 8 films far and wide. If you happened to miss the spectacle that is the yearly premiere of new super 8 films from Winnipeg filmmakers, here's your chance to catch up. Go to their Vimeo channel and immerse yourself in some of the best that Winnipeg has to offer. Some hits from the 2009 event are already posted including Heartspeak and Goths! On the Bus! It's still hard to believe that these films are made entirely with in camera edits and no post production (okay, some added some titles, but the films are untouched). Another WNDX 2009 hit, Rocket John, "the most existing 1950's movie serial hero of the 21st century" can be found here (includes some of the best in camera edits for a genre film I've seen in a while). And here's one of the most romantic animated films we've had grace our screen in Winnipeg, made by Jordan Crossthwaite and Jeanette Johns on the event of their engagement.

While you're getting your fix of some online super 8 magic from past OTS8's, you must check out Shawn Fulton's channel on youtube, featuring 6 of his hits from past Regina One Take Super 8 Events, including his first film DOGS, made back in 2000 (how can you not be a fan of a film called DOGS that starts with close up of a cat). The Wolf Rocks Regina (2005) features what was at the time the closest think to sync dialogue ever attempted in a OTS8 film. Also, the first film shoot that gets the boot from KFC. classic.

And finally, another film with a killer soundtrack (WARNING: Watching this film will have you humming the title track for unimaginable amounts of time). Mike Maryniuk's ambitious and brilliant Fish Arms from the inaugural WNDX OTS8 in 2006.

Happy Viewing.

oh, and stay tuned. big announcement coming in the next day or so.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OTS8 @ 8fest

This weekend is Toronto's 3rd annual 8fest. This festival is dedicated to small gauge work, and OTS8 is very pleased to have a number of films screening in the 'Bagaroo, three!' programme on Sunday night. Cecilia Araneda's film 'In Reflection' was made and premiered at WNDX's OTS8 in 2006.

3 other films showing at 8fest are from the 2008 event in Regina. Gerald Saul's 'Cake' featuring his son William's instructional narration. Ryan Hill's 'Lights, Camera, Action' makes powerful use of glorious super 8 b/w reversal stock. And finally a film which has been picking up traction on the festival circuit is Helder Mauricio Carvajal's 'Beez in the Hood'; a humorous take on life in Regina's alley ghettos and a persistent insect.

Also, some OTS8 alumni have shot new films for the 8 fest's 'Golden: the polyphonic aural experience'. 5 Filmmakers and 5 audio artists created new work independent of each other, creating a one of a kind screening experience when they accompany each other for the first time this Saturday night. Deco Dawson's newest film 'Die Jungfrau und die Eule' is his unique take on the Brother's Grimm tale 'The Maiden and the Owl'. Tricia Martin, a long time contributor to the Regina OTS8, has finished 'Which Way to Mexico?'; her rumination on fantasies of escaping Regina's frigid winters. Congratulations to all the OTS8 filmmakers participating in this festival.

If you happen to be in Toronto, this festival is definitely worth attending as a rare opportunity to see fantastic small gauge film projected in its original format.