One Take Super 8 Event

The One Take Super 8 Event (OTS8) began in 2000, with 20 filmmakers each shooting a single reel of Super 8 film, which then premiered to an audience without the filmmakers seeing their work beforehand. All the films were shown as shot. No cuts. No splices. The popularity of this non-competitive festival has allowed it to return each year with more filmmakers participating. To date over 1000 films have been created for over 50 One Take Super 8 Events across North America!

Monday, July 7, 2014

2 more sleeps!

The films have safely returned to Canada, and are patiently awaiting to be spliced onto the reels for Tuesday night's screening as anticipation builds for the big premiere.

We're excited that our Regina participants are heading up Highway 11 to join the rest of us for the screening. The t-shirt (a one take 1st!!) are being screen printed on Tuesday, and will be fresh and ready for those who took advantage of this limited edition offer. It's exciting to see our posters up around town, and we'll be promoting the event on CTV noon news tomorrow. (It's always fun to do a media hit and not having any clips to show, since no one has seen the films).

Our numbers continue to grow as word spreads about the Saskatoon screening, please tell your friends if you haven't already.

A big congratulations to our friends at WNDX as well, having their group signed up in record time yet again. Can't wait to see what you come up with this year.

And you still have a chance to sign up in Syracuse as they have their 30 spots filling up quickly.

Looking forward to seeing all of the Saskatoon super 8 films on the 8th!!! See you there! (Now off to print programs and reel up the films).

We'll post the line up here on Tuesday.

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