One Take Super 8 Event

The One Take Super 8 Event (OTS8) began in 2000, with 20 filmmakers each shooting a single reel of Super 8 film, which then premiered to an audience without the filmmakers seeing their work beforehand. All the films were shown as shot. No cuts. No splices. The popularity of this non-competitive festival has allowed it to return each year with more filmmakers participating. To date over 1000 films have been created for over 50 One Take Super 8 Events across North America!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Montréal est prête

Our cine-comrades in Montreal have been busy organizing the 5th OTS8 which is set to take place at La Salla Rosa on May 27th at 8pm.

Our great thanks to the Double Negative Collective for putting together a great group of filmmakers. And kudos to the Canada Council for supporting the event (We really should consider asking the CC to get behind the SK events someday :)

Some incredible films have come out of the Montreal events, and the screenings are definitely one of a kind.  If you are in the 514, head to the event, and join their Facebook event page.

24 films by 28 filmmakers will hit the screen, see below for a list of filmmaker names.
Jason Auger ⋅ Audréane Beaucage ⋅ Caroline Blais ⋅ Jérôme Bretéché ⋅ Charlotte Clermont
Charles-André Coderre & Claudia Garceau ⋅ Ariel Desbiens ⋅ Wassili Dudan ⋅ Hannah Fleet
Jose Garcia-Lozano ⋅ Shannon Harris ⋅ Christopher Johnstone ⋅ Anne Koizumi ⋅ Sylvie Laplante
Sarah Anita McNeill ⋅ Sonya Mladenova & Vitalyi Bulychev ⋅ Marc Pelletier ⋅ Andrés Solis
Sonya Stefan & Charlotte Bonin ⋅ Svava Tergesen ⋅ Guillame Vallée ⋅ Erin Weisgerber
Matthew Wolkow ⋅ Steven Woloshen & Alexandra Grimanis.

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